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Learn About: The Builder's Choice

This is one of our Learn About series of articles and dives into a specific aspect of the Ruben Guitars brand or some of the features on our guitars. This time around, we are learning about: The Builder's Choice range.

See below for currently available guitars in The Builder's Choice series.

What is The Builder's Choice?

Put simply, The Builder's Choice range are guitars that Ruben has felt inspired to make on his own. So the styles, colours, choice of tonewood, are all curated and then of course hand-made by him in our atelier. After they're completed, we make them available to purchase on our website for those who like what they see and don't want to wait for a custom build.

Why did we create it?

Making guitars is very much an artistic process, and through our custom builds our client's give us the opportunity to create incredible instruments that give us great satisfaction as creative people. However we all have our own vision, and so creating The Builder's Choice guitars allows us to keep that creativity flowing, while also giving people a way into the Ruben Guitars ownership experience that is quick and convenient.

Builder's Choice Serials #037, #087, #055 available now here.

Why choose The Builder's Choice?

If you're excited about owning one of our guitars now, The Builder's Choice lets you have that experience almost instantaneously. Our custom-built guitars are of course worth the wait, but we understand that not everyone has the time available to truly enjoy that experience. Equally, if you'd rather leave the creative aspects to someone else, and know that you're still getting a one-of-a-kind hand-built instrument, then it's a perfect combination.

Builder's Choice Serial #067 - Orchestral Qualited Mahogany, available now here.

OK, so where can I get one?

We're glad you asked! We have our current models listed on our retail website and also on our Reverb store. Or better yet, if you want to have a chat about a particular guitar you can call us, send us an email or message, or even visit in person with the details below:

Phone (within Australia) : 0434 211 898

Phone (outside Australia) : +61 434 211 898


Instagram: @rubenguitars

Address: Factory 12, 756 Burwood Highway, Ferntree Gully, Victoria 3156, Australia

How often do new ones get released?

There is no fixed release date for Builder's Choice guitars, so if you see one it's best to act sooner rather than later. We don't repeat previous models to make sure the series is always fresh and inspiring, but if you've seen something you like you can always commission a build by getting in contact with us.



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