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"design is thinking

made visual"

- Saul Bass



Guitar building is an art form that dates back hundreds of years and has several traditions which we are proud to uphold. That being said, we have had huge advancements in modern technology in the last decades, which we try to incorporate into our design and construction of modern guitars.


To innovate, you must always try to improve, and it is this philosophy that drives us forward to find the perfect marriage between traditional and modern techniques - to create instruments with the charm and character of yesteryear, built to last into the future.

Ruben Luthier Hands Jan 2019_D1A5494_Fin


Like all arts, guitar making is comprised of the creator's own flair and attention to detail, along with a deep respect for the materials they're working with. It is this appreciation for how wood behaves, and Ruben's extensive experience in repairing guitars that forms the centre of our building philosophy. We want your instrument to last for generations, so using our knowledge of what can go wrong, we build guitars correctly from the start. This can be through diligently controlling the drying conditions of the wood or precisely timing (which days of spring, autumn etc.) when certain tasks are done. But it's also things like making sure you can remove the neck of the guitar in the event it is damaged so that the entire guitar is not wasted. All these things combined make our guitars truly world-class instruments.



We often have customers asking for details and features that other builders have said are too hard, or not possible. But we pride ourselves on not backing down from a challenge and see it as a chance to demonstrate our design skills. All of our design work happens in-house with our dedicated engineering team, so the quality and consistency of works are ensured. A great example of our commitment to good design and the pursuit of guitars that are truly works of art is in our Legacy series, which you can view here.

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