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Today, we're proud to announce that after many months of planning, we are a launching a limited and exclusive run of Junior solid-body electric guitars! Our motivation for this limited run is to create instruments that embody the nostalgia and essence of the past, but with modern building techniques and functionality that will ensure they will become legends of the future.

There will only be 10 guitars made, all of which are shown below with their body materials and prices in AUD. As the bodies are already painted, the colours are set, except for serial number 10 for which you can nominate your desired solid colour.

Available Guitars - Updated 18/9/2020

01 - Tobacco Burst - Mahogany - $2,799 AUD

02 - Bocote Cap & Fingerboard - Swamp Ash - $3,899 AUD

03 - Black - Mahogany - [RESERVED 18/9/2020]

04 - TV Yellow - Mahogany - $2,799 AUD

05 - Cherry Burst (Left Hand) - Alder - [RESERVED 18/9/2020]

06 - Quilted Maple Cap with Amber Burst - Mahogany - $3,649 AUD

07 - Natural - Swamp Ash - $2,799 AUD [RESERVED 9/10/2020]

08 - Olympic White (Left Hand) - Mahogany - $2,799 AUD [RESERVED 9/10/2020]

09 - Vintage Cream - Mahogany - $2,799 AUD

10 - Choose Your Colour - Mahogany - $2,799 AUD [RESERVED 9/10/2020]

Standard Features

  • Mahogany, Swamp Ash or Alder body (see photos)

  • Boutique hand-made Lindy Fralin P90 Noiseless pickup

  • One-piece Honduran Mahogany neck

  • Custom 1959 Vintage Spec. Neck Profile

  • Ebony or Rosewood fingerboard, 22 frets 24.75" scale 16" radius, MOP dot inlay

  • Schaller Signum wrap-around bridge (chrome)

  • Premium Gotoh tuners (chrome)

  • Certificate of authenticity, limited edition booklet and signed poster

Your Choice of

  • Pickup shape: dogear, soapbar

  • Pickup colour: black or cream

  • Pickguard material: black or tortoise shell

Optional Extras

  • Gold hardware +$100 AUD

How To Order

The best way to secure your guitar in this series is to purchase a very affordable $500 AUD build spot over at our Ruben Guitars Store (direct link). This will form your deposit and ensure you don't miss out on this opportunity!

After placing your deposit, we will contact you to further discuss your guitar and any options you would like (such as parallelogram block inlays, gold hardware etc.), and after this, we can commence completing your guitar. In order to receive your guitar by Christmas 2020, you have until 11:59 PM AEST October 19th 2020 to make your deposit.

Keep in mind if you're not ready for the guitar by Christmas, you can always choose to have delivery after Christmas! This also means if you're looking to sell another guitar you have extra time to do so.

Note that the above images use actual photos of the guitars, however, the components such as pickup, bridge, pickguard etc. are computer renders for the purpose of illustration. Once you select your colour you can then choose your pickup cover type and colour, pickguard material, and more that will be explained upon placing your order. All guitars will come with either an Ebony or Rosewood fingerboard, with guitar #02 - Bocote - being the exception in that it will come with a matched Bocote fingerboard.

Classic Design - Modern Improvements

There is no doubting the heritage of the junior shape and it's place in music history. But players of today need not endure the pitfalls of past guitar design and the headaches that come with it. That's why we've chosen to improve the Junior design in a number of ways.

Highest Quality Tonewood

With such a low volume of guitars, we have the luxury of choosing the very best in tonewoods. For example, all of the necks are old-growth one-piece Honduran Mahogany, not plantation growth. And for the bodies, we have used old-growth Mahogany, Alder and Swamp Ash, all individually chosen based on their appearance and potential to give rich, sustain-filled tone. For serial numbers #02, and #06 we have chosen breathtaking sets from The Wood Bank to really set these guitars apart from anything else on offer today.

Premium Hardware and Pickup

We have hand-selected premium hardware to result in superior tone and reliability. We fit out each Junior with industry-leading Gotoh 510 tuners, premium Schaller Signum wrap-around bridge, and the sonic marvel that is the Lindy Fralin Noiseless P90. The sum of these parts is a guitar that is dynamic, warm, and built to last, not for decades, but generations.

Modern Conveniences

Our tastes as guitarists change over time, and for this reason, we have chosen a bolt-on neck for The Junior Series. This way, if you want to change your neck profile later, you can. If you want to change your fingerboard inlay later, you can. Not to mention that bolt-on necks allow for optimal neck angle adjustment, resulting in a better playing guitar without costing you tone.

Limited Edition

There will only be 10 of these guitars available in combinations chosen by our Master Luthier, and to further mark this special occasion in Ruben Guitars' history, each guitar will include a number of limited-edition commemorative items for the lucky owners to enjoy along with their instrument.

Certificate of Authenticity

Designed to protect the pedigree of your guitar, our high-tech certificate bears the Ruben Guitars wax seal, is signed by our Master Luthier, and is printed on copy-proof paper, with nano text and a heat sensitive thermochromic icon embedded for extra security.

Exclusive Photo Booklet

Made available only to the owners of these 10 guitars, these booklets will detail the journey of The Junior Series from conception through to assembly. Featuring stunning high resolution photos, you will gain a deeper understanding and unique insight into the careful design choices and improvements we made, the build process, and what makes a hand-made guitar the ultimate instrument.

Exclusive Signed Poster

Looking equally at home in your living room or a fine-art gallery, we are proud to also offer a choice of posters that feature your guitar in high-resolution glory, with photos taken and designed by our in-house photographer. Each poster features your individual serial number, full specification, and is signed by our Master Luthier.


We hope you can see the care and effort we have put into designing and building this limited edition series, and it is something we are truly proud of. If you're ready to add one of these guitars to your collection and be part of this unique moment in our history, head over to the Ruben Guitars Store (direct link) to reserve your serial number before it's too late!

As always thank you for taking the time to read this, and take care.

- The Ruben Guitars Team

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